Case Study Presenters

1: Re-Positioning the Post-Industrial City in the Global Economy


Bilbao, Spain
Juan Alayo, Bilbao Ria 2000

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Larry P. Witzling, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

2: Post-Industrialism and the Physical City


Ruhr Valley, Germany
Michael Schwarze-Rodrian, Regional Association Ruhr (RVR)

Buffalo, New York
Robert Shibley, University of Buffalo


3: The 21st Century City as an Innovation Hub


Manchester/Liverpool Region
Erik Bichard, University of Salford, England

Waterloo Region

Kevin Stolarick, University of Toronto

4: Urban Systems, Infrastructure, and the Post-Industrial City


Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nico Tillie, Delft University of Technology

New Orleans, Louisiana
Maurice Cox, Tulane University

5: Planning and Social Innovations for Post-Industrial Cities


Turin, Italy
Anna Prat, Director, Torino Strategica

Detroit, Michigan
Toni Griffin, City College of New York