Carnegie Mellon University

Incoming Mail for SMC Mailboxes

Please note that failure to properly address your incoming mail/parcels will result in the mail/parcels being returned to the sender. Carnegie Mellon University Postal Services is not responsible for any mail/parcels which are delayed, returned, or lost because the item was incorrectly addressed.

Postal Services can only receive parcels from 6:30am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Postal Services cannot honor same-day and next-day deliveries if the carrier arrives outside of these hours. USPS, including Priority Mail Express, does not deliver to campus on Saturdays. Any items that would be delivered by USPS on a Saturday will be delayed until the following business day (typically Monday unless it is a holiday).

The address for an SMC mailbox is:

Full Name
5032 Forbes Avenue
SMC ####
Pittsburgh, PA 15289

The zip code 15289 is used exclusively for Carnegie Mellon University SMC mailboxes.

If the full name and SMC # are not in the address label, the item will be returned to the sender. Please be sure to include both the full name and SMC #.

All first-year students living in the Pittsburgh area campus housing are assigned a student mail code (SMC) which matches a mailbox in the campus Post Office located on the lower level of the Cohon University Center (CUC). To speed mail processing and improve campus delivery for residents, the Post Office routes student mail through this SMC. This mailbox will be used for all campus, U.S. mail, and packages.

Students retain their assigned SMC as long as they are: enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student for the current or upcoming semester at the Pittsburgh campus (students currently enrolled in a study abroad program qualify as enrolled for this requirement) AND currently living in the Pittsburgh area, university-owned campus housing. Once a student leaves university-owned campus housing, or has a change in their enrollment status, their SMC will be released to be assigned to an incoming first-year student. Graduate students do not receive an SMC unless they are living in university-owned campus housing.

Students ineligible for an SMC may rent a campus mailbox, if available, at the Carnegie Mellon University Post Office. The cost is $35 every four months or $60 annually. Information regarding SMC Mailbox Rentals can be found in our Products section.

Returning Students

If you are leaving campus for a few weeks, for the summer, to study abroad, to take a leave of absence, or simply leaving campus for an extended period of time for any reason and plan on returning, you may forward your mail. We will forward all eligible USPS first-class, priority, and express mail, magazines, and packages. In order to begin this service, please complete the SMC Mail Forwarding Form. Forwards for the summer semester end on August 1st. All other forwards are effective until you inform the Post Office of your return to campus or you lose your mailbox.

Graduating Students

Once you graduate, your mailbox will be released thirty (30) days after commencement, or a change of enrollment status. If you wish to have your mail forwarded, please fill out the SMC Mail Forwarding Form. Forwards for students who have graduated are effective until thirty (30) days after commencement or a change in enrollment status. We will forward all eligible United States Postal Service First-class, Priority, and Priority Express mail, magazines, and packages. After thirty (30) days, all mail received at the Carnegie Mellon University Postal Services will be returned to sender. It is your responsibility to change your address with friends, family, cell phone companies, credit card companies, banks, and other institutions from which you regularly receive mail.

Non-returning Students and Students Moving to Off-campus Residences

We cannot forward mail after your SMC has been released. Please be sure to update all address information with all of your contacts before your SMC is released thirty (30) days after your enrollment or campus housing change of status.

Only eligible United States Postal Service First-class, Priority, and Priority Express mail, magazines, and packages may be forwarded. Please contact DHL, FedEx and UPS to forward packages from them. In addition, we cannot forward mail internationally.

Any package received for a student in campus housing that contains an item prohibited by the Carnegie Mellon University Housing Policies will be returned to the sender.

Using your mailbox address to operate an enterprise of any kind or to receive mail for anyone other than the assigned owner of the mailbox is strictly prohibited.

Be sure to pickup any perishable parcels as quickly as possible. We do not have refrigeration available. Please do not send/order any items that require refrigeration.

Please do not send any items that may make noise and/or alarm sounds as it can potentially become a security issue.

As we are a contract unit, we do not have the ability to accept any parcels weighing over 70 pounds. We are also unable to accept any deliveries requiring pallets or pallet jacks. If anything arrives falling under these conditions, we reserve the right to refuse them. We ask that you make the necessary arrangements ahead of time for delivery at another location to avoid any delays or return of the item(s).

Consistent with United States Postal Service regulations, all mail and packages that are unclaimed thirty (30) days after delivery may be returned to sender at the discretion of Postal Services. Our process is as follows:

  1. As necessary, Postal Services’ employees will inspect the mailboxes.

  2. At our discretion, mail that is over thirty (30) days old will be removed from the mailboxes.

  3. Removed mail will be checked into the Post Office package tracking software.

  4. An email will be sent to the owner of the unclaimed mail.

  5. The mail will need to be picked up from the package pick up window within thirty (30) days.

  6. After thirty (30) days, any mail not picked up from the package pick up window will be returned to sender as unclaimed.

Please note that if there is a legitimate reason that mail or packages cannot be picked up within the thirty (30) day period, you must notify the Post Office. Further arrangements can then be made to handle the mail or packages. You may designate a proxy to claim the package(s) for you if you are unable to claim the package(s) within thirty (30) days. If you wish to do this, please complete the Designate a Proxy Form.