Carnegie Mellon University

General/Community FAQs

The ISS was created to provide a standard level of video surveillance capture and storage to support the safety and wellbeing of the CMU community. The ISS is in compliance with the Campus Video Surveillance Policy.

The benefit of ISS is to centralize the capture, storage and access of video surveillance data, which reduces CMU’s overall costs, ensures data security and increases the effectiveness of security on campus.

The ISS video surveillance data is only accessed by the Carnegie Mellon University Police Department and the CMUPD authorized support designates.

The ISS team has installed signage in some areas around campus alerting individuals of nearby surveillance cameras. However, It should be assumed public spaces on campus are under video surveillance with or without signage. The ISS does not capture video surveillance data of residential spaces on campus.

ISS video surveillance services are available to CMU facility coordinators, Campus Design and Facilities Development for new buildings and renovations, Facilities Management and Campus Services and department heads.