Carnegie Mellon University

PIER is an interdisciplinary pre-doctoral training program funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, at Carnegie Mellon University aimed at preparing a new generation of researchers who will be:

  • Grounded in cutting-edge theories and methodologies in cognitive and developmental psychology, statistics, human-computer interaction instructional technology, Education Policy and Economics.
  • Familiar with many of the fundamental problems facing education in America.
  • Committed to applying their skills and knowledge to solving those problems.

Detailed Description of the PIER ProgramStudents apply to PIER at the same time that they apply for admission to the participating departments, and are only considered for admission to PIER after have they have been accepted into the doctoral programs of one of those participating departments. In recent years this has included PsychologyStatisticsPhilosophyHuman Computer Interaction, Machine LearningComputer Science, Economics and Public Policy as well as disciplinary departments such as PhysicsChemistry, and Mechanical Engineering.  (See Benefits section for a description of eligibility and levels of support.)

IES supports several other pre-doctoral training grants in the Education Sciences.