Presentation Title/Abstract


Oral Presentations

Jo-Won Lee

Director/Tera-level Devices

Overview of Nanotechnology in Korea



Joong-Won Lee

CEO/Korea Advanced Nano Fab Center

Nanotechnology and the status of Korea Advanced Nano Fab Center



Yong-Hee Lee


Photonic Crystal Resonators and Light Emitter

Jungil Lee

Principal Research Scientist/KIST

Nano-optoelectronics based on III-V semiconductor quantum dots

DaiSik Kim

Professor/Seoul National Univ.

Single Molecule Studies of Telomeric DNA

Nano Bio

Sihyun Ham

Professor/Sookmyung Women's Univ.

Computer-Aided Molecular Design of Nano Bio Sensors

Hak-Sung Kim


Detection of Glycoprotein based on FRET between Nanoparticles


Principal Researcher/


Tensile test of Carbon Nanotube Using Manipulator in Scanning Electron Microscope

Nano mechatronics& manufacturing

Jin Kon Kim


Block Coplymer Thin Films : Nanotemplates for New Functional Nanomaterials

JaeJong Lee

Principal Researcher/


Key Issues of the UV-Nanoimprint Equipment for Sub-50nm Half-pitch Patterns

Il-Je Yu

Director/Bio-Safety evaluation Headquarter, Korea Environment & Merchandise Testing Institute

Effects of nano-sized mixed metal particle exposure on respiratory and central nerve system



Ju-Young Kim

Associate Professor

/Kangwon National Univ.

Polymeric and Inorganic Nanoparticles for Environmental Applications

Poster Presentations

Sangin Kim

Assistant Professor

/Ajou University

Photonic Crystal-based Passive Devices for Photonic Integrated Circuits



Gyu-Chul Yi

Director/Center for Semiconductor Nanorods

ZnO nanorods, heterostructures and nanodevices

Young-Gu Ju

Assistant Professor

/KyungPook National Univ.

Numerical Analysis of High-Index Nano-Composite Encapsulant for Light-Emitting Diodes

Zee Hwan Kim

Assistant Professor

/Korea University

High Resolution Apertureless Near-Field Optical Imaging Using Gold Nanosphere Probes

Nano Bio

Takhee Lee

Assistant Professor/GIST

Electronic Transport in Molecular Scale Devices

Chung-Seog Oh

Associate Professor/Kumoh National Institute of Technology

Efforts in Improving the Load and Displacement Resolution to Explore the Nano-World

Nano mecha

& manufacturing

Jennifer Hyunjong Shin

Assistant Professor/KAIST

Dynamics of actin spring

Kahp Y. Suh

Assistant Professor/Seoul National Univ.

Farbication of Non-Biofouling Polyethylene Glycol Micro- and Nanochannels





Presentation Title/Abstract


Oral Presentations

James S. Harris

Stanford University

The role of Nanostructures in Integrated Photonics

Nano Photonics

David Tomanek

Michigan State University

Designing Carbon-Based Nanotechnology on a Supercomputer

Xiang Zhang

UC Berkeley

Manufacturing at Micro and Nano Scale: The Merge of Science and Technology

Nano Mechatronics & Manufacturing

Ahmed Busnaina

Northeastern University

Directed Assembly of Nanoelements for the Nanomanufacturing of Devices

Placid M. Ferreira

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Integrated Systems for Fluidics-based Manufacturing at the Nanoscale

Lerwen Liu

Zyvex Corp.

Probing below 100nm: electrical, mechanical, and biological

Vinayak P Dravid

Northwestern University

From Acoustic Holographic Imaging to MOSFET-Embedded Microcantilevers for Bio-Chem Sensing

Nano Bio

Harry E Stephanou

University of Texas at Arlington

A Multiscale Robotics Architecture for Micro and Nano Manufacturing

David H. Gracias

Johns Hopkins University

Fluidic Assembly and Interfacial Science of Nanoscale Devices for Electronics and Medicine

Donald R. Baer

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Nanoscience and a Sustainable Environment

Nano Implication

Poster Presentations

Metin Sitti

Carnegie Mellon University

Nano-Robotic Manipulation Systems using Nanoprobes


Yung Joon Jung

Northeastern University

Controlled fabrication of carbon nanotubes and their architectures

Young-Kyun Kwon

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Computational Design and Modeling in Nanotechnology