Hosted by :

Korea Ministry of Science & Technology(Korea),
U.S. National Science Foudation(U.S.)

       Organizered by :

Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information,


Korea Nano Technology Research Society


Carnegie Mellon University

       Sponsored by :

Nano Technology Research Association

       Period : 2006. 4. 3(Mon.)~4(Tue.)
       Theme : Nano Devices & Systems, Nano Implicaion of Environmental, Health and Safety

       Presentations :

Keynote Address from Korea(1), Oral Presentations from Korea(11)/from U.S.(7), Poster presentations from Korea(8)/U.S.(5) : total 32 presentations

       Schedule :

- April 3, 2006 : Public forum with 32 presentations and poster exhibition
- April 4, 2006 : Group-based discussion workshop for recommendations of the government

       Head of Organizing Committee
         - Korea : Jo-Won Lee, Director/Tera-level Nanodevices
         - U.S. : Myung S. Jhon, Professor/ Carnegie Mellon University

       Program Outline





April 3


Public forum and Poster presentation

April 4

Zelkova Room

Group-based discussion workshop

Agenda 1 : Nano Devices & Systems

Prince Room

Group-based discussion workshop

Agenda 2 : Impact of Nanotechnology

Zelkova Room

To draw up recommendations of the government/ 

Signature of overall summary and recommendations

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