Carnegie Mellon University

M.S. in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering

A Joint Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Biological Sciences Program

Biotechnology harnesses biological processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives. The use of biotechnology in the health care sector has led to the production of medicines and vaccines that prevent or cure disease, and has produced a growing interest in the industry for individuals with advanced training in pharmaceutical and biotechnology areas.

We created this program to help prepare students for new jobs in growing areas within biotechnology.

The M.S. in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering (MS-BTPE) program at Carnegie Mellon University combines the strengths of our Biological Sciences and Chemical Engineering departments to offer advanced training appropriate for careers in academia, government, or industry in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceutical engineering.

Our program combines theory with hands-on instruction from faculty who are experts in their field and in the biomedical industry. Students gain advanced training in the sciences with instruction in commercial research, bioinformatic integration, regulatory compliance, medicinal chemistry and drug development.

Students are encouraged to seek external internships after their first year and pursue this degree full-time, completing the program in 3 semesters. Interested in applying? Learn more about the application process on our admissions page.

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