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photo of South Craig street shops

Platform Pittsburgh: Improving City Quality of Life Through City Scale Computing

Platform Pittsburgh is a collaborative effort between researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, the City of Pittsburgh, and other partners with the goal of creating a "living laboratory" for conducting smart city research and analytics. As Pittsburgh continues to adopt state of the art technology, this project harnesses the power of edge computing and visual data. The goal is to lay the groundwork for a testbed in order to develop applications and produce statistics towards improving quality of life. We hope to foster interdiscplinary collaborations along with feedback from the community to solve real-world challenges in transportation mobility and safety.

An integrated approach will be taken that uses computer vision, machine learning, and simulations to produce data to city planners, traffic engineers, and decision makers. Research will be directed towards applications that improve efficiency, health, safety, and overall quality-of-life, such as:

  • Transportation and City Dynamic
  • Climate and Environmental Monitorin
  • Infrastructure to Vehicle Communicatio
  • Responsible Privacy and Data Usage Policy

In addition to creating new algorithms and software for civic use, one of the outputs of the CMU Urban Data Analytics Testbed is to establish responsible guidelines for capture, use, and retention of urban video data. Throughout the project, we will be working with privacy and public policy experts at CMU to establish these guidelines.


Project Team: 

Srinivasa NarasimhanProfessor, Robotics Institute

Robert TamburoSenior Project Scientist at the Robotics Institute