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Metro21 Executive Director Named Interim Executive Director of Safety21 University Transportation Center at CMU

Metro21 Executive Director Karen Lightman has been named Interim Executive Director of Safety21, a U.S. Department of Transportation University Transportation Center.

Carnegie Mellon is working closely with the USDOT to transform the U.S. transportation system through research that focuses on safety, economic growth, climate and sustainability, and equity.

In Spring 2023, Carnegie Mellon was awarded $20 million over the next five years from the USDOT to lead Safety21, a University Transportation Center (UTC). This center focuses on the USDOT’s chief concern — safety. Safety21, which includes partners from across the country, aims to develop and deploy autonomous, networked and integrated transportation technologies and systems with safety and equity in mind.

Carnegie Mellon has a long history of innovation in transportation, and Safety21 is CMU’s fourth University Transportation Center since 2012.  The university serves to bring together the federal, private and nonprofit sectors to provide research and other input to help the USDOT achieve its strategic goals.