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Center for Executive Education in Technology Policy Offers Scholarships to Policy Professionals from Developing Countries

The Center for Executive Education in Technology Policy at Carnegie Mellon University is offering scholarships that allow eligible policy professionals from developing countries to take our classes for free.

In this particular Program on “ICT policy", our courses are intended to inform leaders from developing countries who are involved in public policy issues related to information and communications technology (ICT).  ICT includes telecommunications (e.g. Internet, cellular, satellites, spectrum), cyber (e.g. cybersecurity, privacy, cryptocurrencies), and emerging technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence).  The majority of our participants work in government, but some are involved in ICT policy from positions in the private sector.  (We primarily serve practitioners, rather than university educators or researchers.)  For more information about our classes and our truly world-class instructors, see

We are near the end of our first year of classes.  The majority of classes have been offered online, but some are offered in person.  Current locations for classes include the United States, Rwanda, and Thailand.  (With the right partners, we may add other locations in the future.) 

In a month or two, we will begin accepting applications for classes that will be held in May and June of 2023. Topics may include cybersecurity, satellite policy, expanding broadband Internet to rural areas, telecommunications competition, and/or expanding gender diversity in telecom organizations.  Courses on other ICT policy topics will follow in the months and years ahead.

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