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Governing Knowledge Commons Workshop: Protecting Human Rights in (Smart) Cities: Governance and Responsible Design of Urban Technologies

The next talk in this series, organized by the Governing Knowledge Commons Workshop and supported by the Knight Foundation, will take place on June 29th, at Noon Eastern Time with speakers Anna Artyushina (York University) and Alina Wernick (University of Helsinki). They will present “Protecting Human Rights in (Smart) Cities: Governance and Responsible Design of Urban Technologies.”

Emerging smart cities require trusted governance and engaged citizens. Integrating surveillance, data analytics, automation and smart tech within basic infrastructure and public administration as well as public and private services and spaces raises a complex set of ethical, economic, political, social, and technological questions. Those require systematic study and careful deliberation. The goal of this series is to deepen understanding of smart city governance institutions, the social dilemmas communities face, and the dynamic relationships between data, technology, and human lives. This series will convene relatively small virtual meetings of interdisciplinary scholars, students, and practitioners to have conversations about the governance of smart cities. More details are available here:   

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