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Intelligent Cities US Summit

Intelligent Cities US 2023

Join Metro21 Executive Director Karen Lightman at the Intelligent Cities US Summit 2023 September 26-27, 2023 in San Antonio, TX for an event focused on all aspects of building and maintaining an efficient public sector.

The Intelligent Cities Summit is a platform for global municipal leaders and tech providers to congregate and reflect upon opportunities and challenges in making our cities intelligent, liveable, and future-ready. Through panel discussions, keynote presentation and case studies, the summit offers a 360 degree view of building and maintaining cities of the future and the role that technology can play in this process. The last two years have been times of immense global uncertainty. The pandemic has altered the very foundation of working mechanisms of cities and forced leares across the globe to rethink strategies. As the world around us changes, what has changed for cities? What are cities across the world doing to ensure that their recovery plans are match the needs of the citizens?  

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