Carnegie Mellon University

Vishal Urlam Kellogg Design Challenge

Carnegie Mellon Students Take Second Place in Kellogg Design Challenge

Graduate students from different discliplines at Carnegie Mellon University secured second place at the 2023 Kellogg Design Challenge (KDC), the largest business design case competition across MBA programs globally.

For four years, KDC has been engaging a community of future business leaders in partnership with a sponsoring company to produce actionable insights for a complex challenge leveraging human centered design and business acumen.

For the 2023 KDC, students focused on the them of mobility + sustainability/accessibility.  Metro21 Executive Director Karen Lightman provided insight and guidance to students as they worked with their client, Nissan, to "reimagine existing transportation systems to better serve the mobility needs of global users."

These students included:

  • Vishal Urlam - MIIPS '23
  • Keziah Virdayanti - MIIPS '23
  • Shirui Liang - MIIPS '23
  • Nadhira Ghasanu - MBA '24
  • Gokul Govindaraju - MBA '24
  • Yilin Shi - MSBA '24

The students were awarded $6,000 as a prize for their work.