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Polymer electrolyte fuel cell electrode

Polymer electrolyte fuel cell electrode

Below are images and videos from a nano-CT scan of polymer electrolyte fuel cell electrode. The electrode is composed of pore and solid domains that can be distinuisghed by the nano-CT. The solid phase is a mixture of carbon supported platinum catalyst (40% wt. Pt/C) and Nafion polymer electrolyte (35% wt.).The electrode was imaged in the high resolution mode with 2 X 2 binning (32 nm voxels) and Zernike phase contrast. Image credits: Pratiti Mandal.

The image below shows two othogonal virtual slices and rendered solids are separated domains of the electrode's carbon, platinum, and polymer electrolyte solid phase.

fuel cell electrode

The video below shows the virtual slices and the segemented solid and pore domains (black = pore).

The video below shows the rotation of the separated solid domains that make up the electrode's porous microstructure.