Carnegie Mellon University

CMU/WSP Student Highlights

Watch the videos below to hear what previous students have loved most about their semesters in Washington!

Aden Halpern

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2019
Majors: International Relations & Politics; Behavioral Economics, Policy & Organizations
Internship: U.S. Department of State, Labor Affairs

Pierre Saint-Perez

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2019
Majors: Ethics, History & Public Policy; Science, Technology, & Public Policy
Internship: Stand Up Republic

Peter Rezk

CMU/WSP Semester: Fall 2018
Majors: Biological Sciences
Internship: Center for American Progress - Generation Progress

Mohammed Siddiqui

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2018
Majors: Business Administration; International Relations & Politics
Internship: Solar United Neighbors

Jure Erlic

CMU/WSP Semester: Fall 2017
Majors: International Relations & Politics; Social & Political History
Internship: Embassy of Peru

Maggie Edwards

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2017
Major: Ethics, History, and Public Policy
Internship: U.S. National Archives - Boeing Education Center

Victor Tavarez

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2017
Major: International Relations and Politics
Internship: House Committee on Small Business; Office of Representative Nadia Valazquez (NY-7)

Patrick Dykiert

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2017
Majors: Psychology; Policy and Management
Internship: Center for Budget and Policy Priorities - Media