Carnegie Mellon University

Investment Office

The Investment Office, which works together with the Finance Division on many levels, is overseen by the university’s chief investment officer, who reports to the university president. 

The mission of the Investment Office is to manage the long-term financial resources of the university by providing comprehensive investment services to support the university’s strategic plans and goals.  These financial resources include the university’s endowment and other long-term assets and currently total more than $2 billion.  The Investment Office also works in conjunction with the Treasurer's Office in the management of the university’s short-term financial resources.

The investment objectives of the endowment are to generate a steady and growing stream of annual distributions sufficient to fund a material component of the university’s operations and to maintain or grow the endowment's purchasing power for future generations of students, faculty, and programs.

Functions specific to the Investment Office include asset allocation, risk management, regulatory/audit compliance, fund manager selection, and performance monitoring.  For more information, please see Highlights by the Chief Investment Officer in the most recent Annual Report.