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Financial Stewardship

Carnegie Mellon University's Investment Office manages the university's long-term financial resources, comprising a diversified portfolio invested globally across a broad range of asset classes, including private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate, natural resources, public equity and fixed income. CMU works with some of the very best investment managers in the world to protect and grow these resources to support the university's research and education mission.

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Gifts to Carnegie Mellon University serve as key contributors to achieving the university's  long-term mission. Such endowments (or collectively, the endowment) provide a permanent source of financial and operational stability, helping university leadership perpetuate CMU's academic and research excellence in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world. Thanks to the generosity of donors (alumni and other supporters of CMU), and careful stewardship by the Investment Office, the university's endowment and other long-term financial assets have generated a steady and growing stream of cash flow to fund a material portion of the university’s operating costs and currently exceed $3.5 billion in value. Enduring generosity of alumni and friends and an investment program focused on compounding net returns for the long term, should continue to increase the value of Carnegie Mellon University's endowment over time, providing ongoing support for the university's operating needs while preserving purchasing power to support future generations of students, faculty and programs.

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