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Intercultural Communication Center Language Support for Visiting Scholars
ICC provides support for visiting scholars who are nonnative English speakers in several ways.
Warner Hall 308
5000 Forbes Avenue,
Pittsburgh PA 15213-3890
Office: (412) 268-4979

Language Support Orientation

Periodically throughout the semester, the ICC offers an informational session for visiting scholars who are nonnative English speakers or speakers of other varieties of English. The session offers guidance and discussion of common language and cross-cultural issues experienced by international scholars and students at CMU. Participants who attend this session learn how to anticipate language challenges and to determine what language support, if any, is right for them. Note that the session is required before scholars can register for ICC classes.

The goal of this 1-hour session is to help visiting scholars:

  • Better understand the language skills and cultural understanding needed for more successful interactions during their time at CMU,
  • Learn how to interpret their own TOEFL/ IELTS speaking scores in order to more realistically assess their individual language issues,
  • Get guidance to help them select the appropriate language support.

To be included in the next session, send email to eslhelp@andrew.cmu.edu

Visiting scholars who have taken either TOEFL or IELTS should bring copies of their scores, including sub-scores (an official copy is not required, but is useful). Note that the ICC program focuses on advanced academic language and is aimed at students with TOEFL speaking scores of between 18 and 27. The ICC does not offer traditional ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, but can provide referrals to several ESL programs in Pittsburgh.

Self-paced Language Work 

Visiting Scholars can take advantage of self-paced work available through ICC:

  • Handouts and ICC Videos
  • There are a number of DVD, CDs, and books that can be borrowed from the ICC office (especially useful to improve pronunciation and understanding of the US academic culture).

Carnegie Mellon Activities, Clubs and Events

Participation in these various activities can help you develop both language skills and an understanding of US culture and customs.