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Intercultural Communication Center Academic Culture and Communication
Intercultural Communication Center Academic Culture and Communication
Language Bootcamp
A one-week intensive program for incoming international graduate students who are nonnative English speakers.
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Warner Hall 308
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  Program Overview:

2017 Summer Program Dates:
August 7 to August 11, 2017

The Program
The Language Bootcamp program helps incoming graduate students who are nonnative English speakers be better prepared for the demanding programs at Carnegie Mellon by helping them:

  • Be more confident and better prepared to use English in the university environment
  • Be better prepared to participate in classes and research groups by developing both language and cultural understanding
  • Improve pronunciation to be perceived as more comprehensible and professional
  • Strengthen listening comprehension to better interact in a highly international university environment
  • Become familiar with essential elements of academic writing in the US academy
  • Become aware of individual language gaps, and develop strategies both to compensate and to continue to improve language once the academic program begins.

What can students realistically expect from a summer intensive program?
Language learning requires repeated practice over time, so students will not become more "fluent" is just one week. Instead, we focus on the strategies and techniques that can help students more effectively use the language they already have. As such, Language Bootcamp is aimed at students who have gaps in their academic fluency and yet have the foundation with English (as per their TOEFL scores) to benefit from this intensive program.