Carnegie Mellon University


ICC classes provide an opportunity for language practice and feedback, which is crucial to the development of a second language.

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Workshops meet 2 times a week, 90 minutes per session, in 4-6 week modules.

(note: can be taken either for pass-fail credit, 99-452, or as a non-credit workshop)

Practice key aspects of pronunciation and teaching fluency, and understand the US classroom better.  Students will be prepared to teach a short lesson by the end of the class.

Build fluency and organizing language, and learn valuable communication strategies that help compensate for language gaps. (4 weeks, 12 hours total)

Learn to identify and correct spoken grammar errors by expanding your understanding of spoken English grammar usage. (4 weeks, 12 hours total)

Practice academic language, and develop presenting skills in audience awareness, organization and pronunciation. Students practice in small group mini-talks and a final videotaped presentation. (4 weeks, 12 hours total)

Practice techniques that make the biggest difference in clarity and comprehensibility.

Small group session: give weekly academic presentations, and learn how to ask for and give useful feedback on language and communication style. (5 weeks, 7.5 hours total)