Carnegie Mellon University


Our seminars meet one time for 90 minutes. Attend them to practice a wide variety of language and cross-cultural skills.

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Practice organizing structures and language used for explaining data in papers and presentations.

Learn techniques to summarize and simplify complex material.

Identify and practice strategies for effectively organizing information and communicating politely in academic emails.

Use drama techniques to focus on muscularity/ mouth movement, gestures, and emphatic stress.

Nonnative English speakers can avoid unintentionally plagiarizing by understanding what plagiarism means in US universities, and how to paraphrase another author's work properly.

Learn how to demonstrate your knowledge more effectively in classes, discussion groups and seminars.

Learn principles of successful academic writing (e.g. audience, purpose, organization, style, flow).

Learn how to better tell your "professional story": e.g., professional strengths, motivations, future aspirations, personal and professional influences.

Learn to revise your writing through structuring sentences and paragraphs so that readers will interpret ideas as you intended.

Improve the quality of presentations and feel more confident as a presenter by focusing on audience, purpose and organization.

Learn how to successfully write the various types of summaries that are required in many CMU classes (reports, reviews, critiques, exams, etc.).