Carnegie Mellon University

Individual Work

Speaking Clinic

Individualized feedback and coaching for students who are:

  1. Attending an ICC class and need extra support and practice with skills covered in that class.
  2. In the Language Coaching program after placing into “Not Qualified” on the ITA test.  Students meet with an ICC instructor periodically throughout the semester for feedback and coaching.

Grammar Check-up appointments

Are you a nonnative English speaker? Do grammar problems interfere with speaking or writing assignments?  Are you unsure how to improve and looking for guidance?

An ICC Grammar Check-up appointment will provide feedback about your grammar issues and resources to help you improve.   Students concerned with written grammar need to bring a writing sample that the Instructors will use to uncover and help you learn to correct your own grammar errors; instructors cannot provide proof-reading or editing.

To schedule, call the ICC (412-268-4979).