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Intercultural Communication Center Consultations for international faculty to develop language and/or understanding of US classroom culture
Individual consultations are available through the Intercultural Communication Center for international faculty who want to improve the clarity of their language or to better understand the classroom culture of the US. Consultations are individualized and confidential.
Warner Hall 308
5000 Forbes Avenue,
Pittsburgh PA 15213-3890
Office: (412) 268-4979
email: eslhelp @ andrew.cmu.edu

Typical reasons why international faculty have requested consultations: 

  • Looking for advice after receiving negative feedback (e.g., FTEs) about language or teaching style
  • Wanting to proactively improve the clarity of their language
  • Having specific questions and concerns related to teaching and learning within the culture of the US / CMU classroom

To request a consultation contact Peggy Heidish, Director,
ph1r @ andrew.cmu.edu, 412-268-4979.

Additional Resources: 

For information on some of the cultural and pedagogical challenges related to teaching in a multicultural environment, and for strategies to help address these challenges, see:
Teaching Across Cultures