Carnegie Mellon University

The design and mechanism of Digital Vaccines

The Digital Vaccine research focuses on assessing mechanisms and interventions that are based on Neuroscience and Neuro-behavior-physiological modulation, and can offer a novel framework to induce immunological memory, as a way to lower the risk for a number of diseases. The aim of our research team is to explore and validate mhealth interventions for disease prevention through technology, backed by a body of evidence and rigorous science. 

A Digital Vaccine is a sub-category of digital therapeutics that provides neurocognitive training to the reward and self-control regions of the brain at a neurosystems level, thereby inducing sustained behavior changes. A recent focus of this ongoing research is to study the impact of our methodologies upon inducing and sustaining Neurobehavior modulation on sustaining personal hygiene. These interlinked mechanisms are being assessed by near-term and longitudinal impact of dose exposure on biomarkers of incidence and indicators of disease risk, such as blood glucose, A1C numbers, Triglycerides, HDL/LDL, length of telomers, insulin consumption, etc.