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A Digital Vaccine candidate for chronic diseases, Fooya!, has been developed by FriendsLearn, Inc.. The candidate has been evaluated via pilot clinical trials in a variety of clinical, consumer, and school-based usage settings. Fooya! is a medical mobile application that has adopted the design principles of a Digital Vaccine via a gamified learning platform that uses neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality to improve dietary choices, physical activity, and health literacy amongst children. It has unique, immersive, and motivational features that encourage active-video game playing, and thereby, induce desired behavioral changes in the pediatric population.

Digital Vaccine Candidates



fooya! is a commercially available App built upon this novel platform of technology.



fooya! is a gamified mobile application built upon the novel platform of technology, which has been shown to lower the risk of Metabolic Syndrome, such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, and certain Cancer.



FYA-003 is under development as a candidate based on our platform, to apply proven techniques to induce Neuro-Behavior-Physiological modulation that relate to inducing personal and communal hygiene, while simultaneously enhancing the immune system to resist infectious respiratory disease.