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The Digital Vaccine project's research progress is guided by a group of diverse and multidisciplinary researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, Hofstra University, and other partner institutions. The research team has expertise in Healthcare, Information Technology, Machine Learning and Statistics, Clinical Medicine, Public Health, and Impact Evaluation.    

The Digital Vaccine Team


Rema Padman, Ph.D.

Trustees Professor Of Management Science And Healthcare Informatics, Carnegie Mellon University

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Yi-Chin Lin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Business Analytics, Hofstra University

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Nynke Niezink, Ph.D.

Assistant professor, Department of Statistics and Data Science, Carnegie Mellon University

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Arpita Tripathi, MA

Research Associate, Carnegie Mellon University


Usha Sriram, MD

Chief Endocrinologist, VHS Chennai, India

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Bhargav Sri Prakash, MS

CEO and Founder, FriendsLearn

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Cheng Ma

Sophomore Intern, Information Systems, Carnegie Mellon University