Carnegie Mellon University

Facility Coordinators

Your department may have a process for requesting services from FMS.  Check with your Facility Coordinator for your department's policy on making non-urgent requests.  If an urgent problem occurs, call FMS at 412-268-2910, then let your Facility Coordinator know that you have called.

We periodically survey departments to identify the current Facility Coordinator.  If the list below is incorrect, please contact Shannon Wetzel.  If you'd like to see the presentation from the latest Facilities Coordinator meeting, click here.

Department Last Name First Name Phone
Andrew ID Building
Admissions Dinardo Roberta 412-268-2082 dinardo Warner Hall
Alumni Relations Shoop Maria 412-268-1284 mshoop Alumni House
Alumni Relations Zhukoff Yulia 412-268-7048 yuliaz Alumni House
Architecture Holmes Jon 412-268-2355 jcholmes College of Fine Arts
Architecture Ristau Carolyn 412-268-2355 x0 cristau College of Fine Arts
Art Kollar Bob 412-268-5999 kollar College of Fine Arts
Art Kollar Bob 412-268-5999 kollar Doherty Hall
Art Kollar Bob 412-268-5999 kollar Hall of Arts
ASTM Farber Frank 412-365-1030 ff0j 6555 Penn
Athletics Mlodzianowski Jason 412-268-7526 jmlodzia Skibo Gymnasium
Biological Sciences Goggins Trina 412-268-8662 tgoggins Mellon Institute
Biomedical Engineering Baker Keri 412-268-6668 kerib Scott Hall
Career Center Neumeyer Karen 412-268-1645 neumeyer West Wing
CCCC Freund Carla 412-268-1515 cfreund Morewood Gardens
CEE Belowich Brian 412-268-5798 bjb4 Porter Hall
CEE Ripper Ron 412-268-3819 ronr Porter Hall 119
CFA Dean's Office Pavlus Patty 412-268-7173 pp0x College of Fine Arts
CFA Dean's Office Drouven Svenja 412-268-2348 sdrouven College of Fine Arts
CFA Dean's Office Barrett Dan 412-268-2348 dbarrett College of Fine Arts
Chemical Engineering Tilton Julie 412-268-9537 jrtilton Doherty Hall
Chemical Engineering Dawber Justin 412-268-7993 jdawber Doherty Hall
Chemistry Pitts Walter wpitts Mellon Institute
Chemistry Altomare Matt 412-268-5073 maltomar Mellon Institute
Chemistry Klipa Elisabeth 412-268-2318 eklipa Doherty Hall
CMARC Brunson Velda 412-268-2150 vbrunson Cyert Hall
CNBC Clark Rebecca 412-268-1899 rebec Mellon Institute
CNBC Dorney Barbara 412-268-6557 bd1q Mellon Institute
Cohon University Center Gerwig Marcia 412-268-1179 mg48 Cohon University Center
Cohon University Center Krowitz Stanley 412-268-8394 skrowitz Cohon University Center
Computer Science Gregory Jamie 412-268-2069 jamieg Gates Center for Computer Science
Computer Science Stockhausen Paul 412-268-8223 stocky Wean Hall
Computing Services Bronder Pete 412-260-2533 pb0q Cyert Hall,  311 S. Craig, Bramer House
Computing Services Kalbaugh Dave 412-260-8838 dk08 Cyert Hall,  311 S. Craig, Bramer House
Conferences and Event Services Yazemboski Beth 412-268-1125 eay Cohon University Center
Counseling and Psychological Services Morewood Gardens
CYLAB Bernagozzi Brigette 412-268-5715 bbernago Collaborative Innovation Center
Design Wilt Deborah 412-268-6153 dwilt Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall
Dining Services Morewood Gardens
Drama Randolph David 412-268-1692 davidr2 Purnell Center for the Arts
Eberly Center Pierson Michelle 412-268-2896 mg2e Cyert Hall
Electrical & Computer Engineering Bolla Andrew 412-268-5309 andrewbo Hamerschlag Hall
Engineering and Public Policy Loucks Adam 412-268-2670 aloucks Baker Porter Hall
Engineering Research Accelerator (CIT Deans Office)


Charlie 412-268-8777 crm Hamburg Hall
English Bivins Eyona 412-268-2850 eyonab Baker Hall
English McKay Vickie 412-268-4384 vm29 Baker Hall
Enrollment Papinchak John 412-268-7404 jp7p Warner Hall
ETC Metz Janice 412-268-6035 jmetz Pittsburgh Technology Center
Financial Reporting Stone Sara 412-268-6641 baileys UTDC
Financial Reporting Grzandziel Maggie 412-268-3660 maggieg UTDC
FMS Wetzel Shannon 412-268-6332 swetzel Facilities Management Services
FMS Altschul Martin 412-268-2529 ma3q Facilities Management Services
H&SS Dean's Office Pertz Heather 412-268-2831 hpertz Baker Hall
H&SS Dean's Office Kinchelow Susan 412-268-7151 sk1q Baker Hall
Health Dawson Diane 412-268-9171 dd4p Morewood Gardens
Heinz Molzer Glenn 412-268-4739 gm1j Hamburg Hall
Heinz Waldo Mike 412-268-4739 mwaldo Hamburg Hall
History Taylor Natalie 412-268-6039 nstaylor Baker Hall
History Chirovsky Tai 412-268-2880 tchirovs Baker Porter Hall
Housing McCauley Louis 412-268-2207 mccauley Morewood Gardens
Human Resources Parker Mary 412-268-1243 marypark 319 S. Craig, Whitfield Hall
Hunt Institute Jacobsen Terry 412-268-2434 tj50 Hunt Library
Hunt Library Pitts Joelle 412-268-7311 joellep Hunt Library
INI 4616 Henry
Language Technologies Institute Bensasi Mary Jo 412-268-7517 maryjob Cyert Hall
Libraries Pitts Joelle 412-268-7311 joellep Hunt Library
Marketing & Communications

Dawida Novelly




4721 5th Avenue
Marketing & Communications





4721 5th Avenue
Materials Science & Engineering Riale Brett 412-268-3137 briale Wean Hall
Math Storm Colleen 412-268-6109 cstorm Wean Hall
Mechanical Engineering Hyzy Melissa 412-268-2502 crossm Hamerschlag Hall
Mechanical Engineering Wojciechowski Ed 412-268-2516 wojo Hamerschlag Hall
Miller Gallery Frey Jordan 412-268-4982 jfrey1 Purnell Center for the Arts
Modern Languages Monda Nancy 412-268-2895 nmonda Baker Hall
Music Skavronski Robert 412-268-8131 rs73 College of Fine Arts
Office of Sponsored Research Kapcin Darlene 412-268-8746 dp7a WQED
Office of the Dean-CIT Haslett Sue 412-268-6196 sh2s Scaife Hall
Office of the Dean-MCS Mellon Institute
Office of the General Counsel Colbert Gretchen 412-268-5393 gcolbert Warner Hall
Office of the Provost Elder Kelly 412-268-3260 kelder Warner Hall
Parking Office Porter Michelle 412-268-6278 mporter Cohen University Center
Philosophy DeFazio Jackie 412-268-8570 jf2l Baker Hall
Physics Homer Hilary 412-268-2734 heh Wean Hall
Physics Carr Patrick 412-268-2733 patcarr Wean Hall
Posner Center Jones Precious 412-268-7171 pj0q Posner Center
President's Office Morris Angela 412-268-2200 armorris Warner Hall
Property Accounting Services Grzandziel Maggie 412-268-3660    maggieg UTDC
Property Accounting Services Bailey Stone Sara 412-268-6641 sarastone UTDC
PSC Nardozzi Ray 412-268-3196 rn Mellon Institute
Psychology Frisoli Tisha 412-268-1116 ta Baker Hall
Psychology Finkel Becky 412-268-2781 yrf Baker Hall
Psychology - Children's School Hancock Linda 412-268-2198 lh37 Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall
PTC Administration Operations Pohuly Megan 412-268-3100 mpohuly Pittsburgh Technology Center
Registrars Office Camino Nancy 412-268-4086 nm2d Warner Hall
Registrars Office Cavaliero Joy 412-268-1907 js81 Warner Hall
ROTC Danko Mike 412-268-8747 mdanko 4615 Forbes
SDS (Social and Decision Sciences) Bernardini Sarah 412-268-3664 sarahfb Baker Porter Hall
SEI Alvarez Amanda 412-268-4730 amandaa Software Engineering Institute
SEI Major Harold 412-268-9568 hmaj Software Engineering Institute
Statistics Paschke Jessica 412-268-3365 jpaschke Baker Hall
Student Activities Palko Kaycee 412-268-8704 kpalko Cohen University Center
Student Life Cho-Zollinger Jae 412-268-2142 jaecho Morewood Gardens
Technology Enhanced Facilities Computing Services - Classrooms Bartolomucci Dom 412-268-8855 domb Cyert Hall
Technology Enhanced Facilities Computing Services - Clusters Bryan Fred 412-268-6712 rb4d Cyert Hall
Technology Transfer Mulholland Barbara 412-268-7391 ba29 Warner Hall
Telecommunications Innocenti Sheree 412-268-4980 sm6o Bramer House
Tepper Lukens Rebecca 412-268-8678 rlukens Tepper Building
Tepper Nash Charlie 412-268-1871 cnash Tepper Building
University Advancement Downey Christine 412-268-6856 cdowney Cohen University Center
University Advancement Corletti Daniel 412-268-7337 corletti PPG
University Police Opferman Robert rgo 300 S. Craig
Wean Sorrel's Library Pitts Joelle 412-268-7311 joellep Wean Hall