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Ralph Horgan

Ralph Horgan

Associate Vice President, Campus Design and Facility Development

Ralph Horgan serves as the associate vice president of Campus Design and Facility Development (CDFD) at Carnegie Mellon University. Ralph joined CMU in April 2005.

CDFD manages all of the design and construction projects for the University. It organizes and implements the Institutional Master Plan for Carnegie Mellon. When requested by the faculty, CDFD supports projects at all CMU locations, including Silicon Valley, New York, Arlington, VA, and Rwanda. The department also coordinates and manages university real estate transactions including all acquisitions and leases.

Prior to joining Carnegie Mellon, Ralph was executive director of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority for seven years. In that capacity, he was responsible for a $32 million organization of more than 150 employees. He worked closely and partnered with developers and community groups to stimulate private investments downtown and in various Pittsburgh neighborhoods. His service at the Parking Authority was preceded by several years of service in the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development for the City of Pittsburgh.

Ralph has served on several regional nonprofit boards and has a strong record of community leadership and service. He is married with two children.

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