Carnegie Mellon University

Non-Employee Prize/Awards

The Accounts Payable Non-Employee Prize Award Form [.pdf] must be completed to process and report a prize or award for a non-employee.

Note: Do not use this form if the prize/award is for an employee (including student employees) of Carnegie Mellon University. Complete an Activity Pay Form [.pdf] for current employees to provide a cash prize/award or complete an Employee Gift Processing Form [.pdf] to provide a noncash prize/award or gift card.

The completed form should be sent to Accounts Payable at within 30 days of the purchase of the prize/award. A copy of this form should be attached to the PRC or expense report, depending on how the prize/award was purchased, in order to verify that the process was completed. The completed form must include a copy of the prize/award documentation.  This documentation can be a letter on department letterhead, an email to the individual indicating that they received a prize, etc. The documentation should at the very least consist of the name of the individual receiving the prize/award, a brief description of the prize/award and the amount.

If the recipient of the prize/award is a U.S. citizen or has a U.S. taxing obligation, a completed Form W-9 [.pdf] needs to be attached to the form as well.

If the recipient of the prize/award is a foreign national (non-U.S. citizen or nonresident alien), the individual must complete and attach the Foreign National Information Form for Non-Employees [.pdf] and Form W-8BEN [.pdf].

The Non-Employee Prize/Award form will not be processed if any of the supporting documentation indicated above is not submitted. If you need additional assistance determining what is a prize/award or completing the necessary documentation, please contact Taxation directly.