Carnegie Mellon University

How To Make Travel Arrangements To Qatar

International Finance offers individuals full support and services for arranging their university related travel to Qatar.

The International Procurement and Travel Specialist will supply all the necessary information, forms and requirements regarding travel to Qatar to ensure that travelers have a single contact when making travel arrangements.  In order for travel expenses to be covered by the university, the traveler must arrange plans through International Finance.

International Finance assists with flight arrangements for various campus and non-campus travelers including:  

  • Business Traveler
  • Faculty
  • Invited Guests
  • Spouse
  • Staff
  • Students

As soon as dates of travel are known and authorized by the traveler's department manager/sponsor, the traveler or department should contact International Finace via email at with the traveler's name, department, university affiliation (e.g., staff, faculty, Expatriate, student, etc.), and anticipated travel dates.

If applicable, also include any special travel needs or requests, and information on additional family members who will accompany the traveler and their requested dates of travel.

Upon receipt of the initial email, the International Procurement and Travel Specialist will respond with details regarding your travel and will provide required documents and information needed to proceed with travel arrangements.

Authorize and Review Itinerary

In order to finalize any international flight, it is required that the traveler obtain their Department Administrator's signed authorization of the preliminary itinerary. An administrator will need to sign for every trip to an international destination and may not use a blanket approval to cover multiple trips.

As soon as the schedule is decided, the International Procurement and Travel Specialist will forward the initial itinerary to the traveler for review and approval.  If possible, alternative requests can be made if the traveler is not satisfied with the initial arrangements.