Carnegie Mellon University

Financial Services


International Finance supports each international initiative in the university budgeting process though the development of a budget model based on the agreement for each program. Upon review and approval by the appropriate university department(s), budgets are submitted to the sponsoring organization for final authorization.

International program budgets and forecasts are uploaded to Oracle in accordance with the Budget and Financial Planning department deadlines.


Karen Sadler

Cash Management

International Finance coordinates cash management for areas including oversight and management of cash activities for payroll, accounts payable, student and customer accounts receivable transactions, and miscellaneous cash operations.

International Finance manages relationships between the university and its preferred international banks.


Katie Price

Financial Reporting

International Finance manages international entity accounting, closing and financial reporting, as well as performs the international financial close in accordance with the Business Applications Development and Support's closing schedule.

International Finance initiates reporting, reconciliation and analysis while adhering to the Controller’s Office schedule. International Finance prepares international entity financial statements and submits them to the appropriate departments under the Controller’s Office and to sponsoring organizations in accordance with each program's contractual agreement.

International Finance coordinates international location audits as required.


Karen Sadler