Carnegie Mellon University

Dual Career Program

We are committed to recruiting and retaining diverse and talented faculty members, which often involves the needs and interests of their partners and family. The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty works closely with faculty, deans, and administrators across the university and the greater Pittsburgh region to provide dual career assistance to faculty partners. Guidance is provided to assist faculty partners in identifying career development opportunities and in making meaningful connections in the region. Read more about Dual-Careers at CMU or access the OH/Western PA/WV HERC site.

The Vice Provost for Faculty can support partners of job candidates in their academic job search. To request assistance with a dual career opportunity, fill out the Request with Assistance form. Please have the dual hire/partner's CV or resume available to submit.

Funding Requests

The Provost may provide up to one‐third salary support for as many as three years, provided the remainder of support is financed by the college hiring the primary faculty member and/or the college hiring the dual partner. A typical balance would be (1/3‐1/3-1/3 split), but the balance of 2/3 funding can be negotiated between the colleges. Funding requests for dual career partners are reviewed on a case by case basis as not each request can be supported.