Carnegie Mellon University

Dual Career Program

For partners seeking an academic-related position, CMU is a member of the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC). Helping dual academic career couples is HERC’s main objective. Over 30 member institutions in the tri-state area are members of the regional HERC consortium. HERC offers access to the most comprehensive list of jobs at institutions within a commutable distance of CMU.

The Vice Provost for Faculty can support partners of job candidates in their academic job search. As a first step, partners should visit the HERC website and identify promising leads at CMU and surrounding institutions. Next, contact Vice Provost Roeder and send her your CV, Research Statement, list of leads obtained from HERC, and a cover letter including a description of your career goals and other ideas for suitable academic opportunities.

Read more about Dual-Careers at CMU or access the OH/Western PA/WV HERC site.