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Student Data Warehouse (SDW)

The Student Data Warehouse (SDW) is a repository of student data, refreshed daily, which allows departments to run queries without having to request them from the University Registrar’s Office. In February 2021, the information housed within SDW migrated to Tableau, a transition which provided benefits including a dashboarding mechanism and better data visualization.

Tableau Licenses

There are two Tableau license types available to Carnegie Mellon users: Viewer License and  Explorer License. Users should contact with questions regarding license capabilities and limitations.

Viewer License Capabilities

  • Ability to run already created/published reports (i.e. Canned Reports)
  • Ability to change filters to generate reports (ex: semester, college, department, class, etc.)
  • Ability to export reports to Excel, PDF, and other formats
  • May request new reports as needed

Explorer License Capabilities

  • All listed Viewer License capabilities
  • Ability to create ad-hoc reports by using published data sources

Requesting Lincenses & Trainings

The University Registrar's Office provides Tableau licenses and trainings upon request. This section details how users may request a new, renewed, or upgraded Tableau license, Tableau training, and additional support. 

Access & Training

The University Registrar's Office issues Tableau licenses and provides access to the URO-Enrollment Tableau site. In order to receive a Tableau license and site access, prospective users must first complete a training. To request a Tableau license and schedule a training session, email

Additional Support

 Users with specific questions and those in need of additional support may email to reach a team member who will happily assist them. 

Requesting Reports

Users who would like to request a Tableau report may email