Carnegie Mellon University

Assigning a Grade Proxy

If you will be unable to enter final grades, you may assign a grade proxy in S3. A proxy may enter grades in your place. Only course section instructors may add a proxy, and all proxies must have an active Andrew account. Undergraduate students may not serve as proxies.

Steps for assigning a grade proxy in S3:

  • Start on the S3 Faculty Course & Grade Info landing page; you will see your course sections displayed at the bottom of the page
  • Click the gear wheel beside the course section for which you would like to add a grade proxy; a drop-down menu will display
  • Click Add Proxy; a window will open where you can enter your proxy’s Andrew ID
  • Enter your proxy’s Andrew ID and click Next
  • The Proxy Confirmation page displaying your proxy’s photo will open
  • If the proxy is correct and you would like to add more than one proxy for the course section, click Save and Next
  • If the proxy is correct and you are only assigning one proxy for the course section, click Save and Close
  • If the proxy is incorrect, click Back and enter the correct Andrew ID, or click Cancel
  • You will receive an email message confirming that your proxy has been added, or will be added, within 15 minutes of saving
  • Once you assign a proxy, the addition will take immediate effect; however, if your added proxy has never been a proxy or is not a current S3 user, it may take 1-2 days for the new proxy to have access to your course section
  • To view the proxy assigned to your course section, go to the Roster page. Next to Instructors there will be a blue (i), if you click on this, you will see your proxies