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FCE Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as your grades are submitted, and the deadline for grade submission has occurred, you will have access to your results. You will have the ability to view the data in several different ways, such as viewing only the summary statistics for each section, viewing response distributions and averages for each question, viewing only comments. You will also be able to look at your ratings in comparison to those of your department, school, and the university.
You, your department head, your associate deans, and your dean can view all the information. Others, authenticated members of the campus community, will only have access to the ratings for the questions; they do not have access to the comments.
For most semesters, the ratings from the questions will remain online for ten years. However, for the spring 2020 semester, the ratings from the questions will remain online until June 1, 2021. If you want to maintain access to your comments beyond that period, then you must download the data and store it yourself.
Each course will have its own rating and comments.
No; however, the Eberly Center does have both early course and end-of-course evaluation instruments designed to address the specific roles and responsibilities of teaching assistants in different instructional settings, such as discussion recitations, problem-solving recitations, labs, studios, grading, and/or project management. Many departments already use these instruments (available for download) or some variation of them.
You will see only the feedback given about you. Likewise, you will be unable to view feedback for the other instructors.
No, courses will only be evaluated if there are two or more students enrolled.