Carnegie Mellon University

$20M Classroom and Learning Spaces Project

Renovate, Innovate and Sustain

CMU's multi-year renovation project will take our classrooms and learning spaces into the next century. The Learning Spaces Committee, a working group within the Task Force on the CMU Experience, proposed an impressive series of renovations that will sustain our world-class teaching and learning spaces over the long term.

Design, accessibility and technology is at the heart of these upgrades. Our new classrooms will feature flexible furnishings that will make active learning, instructional technology and peer collaboration a reality.

Renovations will focus on the most heavily used rooms in Baker, Porter, Doherty and Wean halls, Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall, the College of Fine Arts, and a number of classrooms in Posner Hall.

Stay tuned for updates and related articles on the various phases of our project, in addition to photos and renderings of upcoming renovations.

Baker Hall - Adamson Wing renovation photos

Upgrades to this active learning hall include improved accessiblity, new acoustics, moveable furniture, expanded whiteboard space and new A/V equipment.

available fall 2018

Baker Hall, Adamson wing

A photo of Adamson wing now

Baker Hall, Adamson wing lobby

A photo of Adamson's renovations

College of Fine Arts renovation photos

The renovation of CFA 102 worked to maintain the historic nature of the space with extensive wood trim work, main entry door matching the surrounding rooms and refinished hardwood floor.  The furniture is mobile and nesting allowing for multiple uses of the space.

available spring 2020

College of Fine Arts, Room 102 before

A photo of cfa 102 before renovations

College of Fine Arts, Room 102 after

A photo of cfa 102 after renovations

Doherty Hall 1112 and 1212

Renovations to Doherty Hall classrooms include structural renovation, upgrades to audio/visual systems, lighting, window treatments, flooring and furniture. In particular, classroom 1112 was transformed from a traditional style lecture hall to a collaborative learning environment.

available spring 2019

Doherty Hall, Room 1112

A photo of Doherty Hall 1112

Doherty Hall, Room 1212

A photo of Doherty Hall, Room 1212

Doherty Hall 2302

Upgrades include card access and schedulers, new seats at the existing tables, power to the table tops, a new lab table for demonstrations, a new demonstration fume hood, new lighting and tackable surface to allow for collaboration.

available spring 2020

Doherty Hall, Room 2302 front

A photo of the front of doherty hall room 2302

Doherty Hall, Room 2302 back

A photo of room 2302 in doherty hall

Hall of the Arts (HOA) renovation photos

The Cooper and Simon Auditoriums were combined to create one large auditorium with a seating capacity of 184. Renovations include new audio/visual systems, lighting, and improved accessibility and acoustics. 

available spring 2019

GSIA Auditorium, front

A photo of the GSIA auditorium after completed renovations

GSIA Auditorium, back

A photo of the GSIA auditorium after completed renovations

Margaret Morrison - Breed Hall before and after renovation photos

This renovation involved remaking the entrance to the lecture hall to promote innovation and collaborative class activities. Upgrades include swivel chairs to facilitate pair and small-group collaboration and tackable wall space — a popular feature among design students.

available spring 2019

Breed Hall, Room 103 before

A photo of Breed Hall prior to renovations

Breed Hall, Room 103 after

Breed Hall in Margaret Morrison after renovations

Margaret Morrison, Room A14

Margaret Morrison A14 was renovated to provide for a brighter and more comfortable environment with AV upgrade to support the various users of the space.

available spring 2020

Margaret Morrison, Room A14 before

Margaret Morrison A14 before renovations

Margaret Morrison, Room A14 after

A photo of Margaret Morrison A14 after renovations

Porter Hall renovation photos

Upgrades to Porter Hall classrooms include card access and schedulers, flexible furniture with larger tablet arm surface, motorized shades, LED lighting and added power, additional writing surfaces and updated audio visual equipment.

available spring 2018

Porter Hall, Room A22

Porter A22 After Photo

Porter Hall, Room A18A

Porter A18A After Photo

Porter Hall, Room 226A

Porter 226A After Photo

Porter Hall, Room 125B

Porter 125B After Photo

Wean Hall renovation photos

Wean Hall’s classroom renovations include rooms 4623, 4709, 5403, 5409, 6423, 7500 and 8427. Upgrades include updated audio/visual systems, lighting, window treatments, flooring, furniture and finishes.  

available fall 2018

Wean Hall, Room 4623

Wean Hall classroom 4623 after renovation

Wean Hall, Room 5403

Wean Hall room 5403 after renovations

Wean Hall, Room 7500 before

A photo of Wean Hall 7500 before renovations

Wean Hall, Room 7500 after

A photo of Wean Hall, room 7500  after renovations