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The Center for Executive Education in Technology Policy (CEE-TP) is part of the College of Engineering (CIT) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). CMU is among the world’s leading universities in engineering, technology, research, and technology policy issues, ranking #4 for graduate engineering and #7 for undergraduate ranking in the country. 

CMU's College of Engineering is known for its Department of Engineering and Public Policy (EPP) and EPP conducts forward-looking research and offers BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees on the policy issues associated with technology, from next-generation cellular to autonomous vehicles to renewable energy to climate change. CEE-TP is affiliated with CMU's EPP department and able to utilize the resources of the cross-discplinary collaboration in research and acclaimed faculty at EPP, CIT and across CMU's top-ranked departments. 

In addition to faculty from various CMU knowledge centers contribute to this executive education program, we also partner with world-renowned thought leaders from government, industry, think tanks and public interest groups, and other universities. Our world-renowned instructors have extensive experience in academia, government, and industry and deliver an effective curriculum that supports our mission to provide valuable education to leaders and policy-makers from around the world. 

Carnegie Mellon is a global university and CEE-TP has a global mission. CMU has more than a dozen degree-granting locations, and more than 20 international research partnerships. CEE-TP's participants, alumni, and instructors hail from around the world. Our online courses empower CEE-TP to reach participants from around the world but we also partner with CMU's international locations in Asia and Africa to offer in-person courses.

CEE-TP is made up of a small but dedicated staff and is led by faculty and Center Director, Jon Peha. Staff information can be found below if you have additional questions about who we are at CEE-TP.

CEE-TP Staff

Jon Peha
Center Founder and Director
Center for Executive Education in Technology Policy (CEE-TP)
Chelsea Cavlovic
Program Manager of Executive Education
Center for Executive Education in Technology Policy (CEE-TP)