Carnegie Mellon University

ENAiBLE's mission is to create more humane, efficient, and positive retail and service experiences.

ENAiBLE is a unique forum for the advancement of retail and service industries. The primary goal is to meet the needs of these industries and their customers through advances in service design, organizational change, robotics and automation, data analytics, and responsible artificial intelligence.

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The ENAiBLE Landscape

Artificial Intelligence

  • Explainable AI 

  • Personalization

  • Human-in-the-Loop Approaches

  • Bias and Fairness


  • Human-Computer Interfaces

  • Services Innovation

  • Organizational Change

Privacy and Security

  • Consumer Privacy

  • Health (COVID-19 Precautions)

  • Blockchain / Cryptocurrency


  • Customer / Market / Predictive

  • Fraud / Shrink

  • Data Visualization


  • Multiview (multi-source) CRM

  • New Customer Behavior

  • Social Media Content Engineering