Carnegie Mellon University

Educational Innovation

Our efforts for educational innovation emphasize a student-centered approach that promotes faculty and graduate student instructors to use the leading pedagogy, grounded in research and iterative improvement. We are leaders in learning technology through our Open Learning Initiative. The Eberly Center helps faculty innovate in their teaching – with and without technology – and then study the impact of their innovations for data-informed improvement.  Our efforts with the Simon Initiative harness a cross-disciplinary approach to improve student learning outcomes.

Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation

The Eberly Center works to build a community of Carnegie Mellon educators who innovate in their teaching, create new modes of learning for their students, and use data to guide ongoing improvement. They also offer one-on-one consultations for faculty who are interested in incorporating a service learning component into their course--from identifying relevant learning objectives, to developing appropriate assessments, to collecting feedback from students on the service learning project.

A photo of students in the Eureka class - a seminar for first-year scientists

Open Learning Initiative (OLI)

OLI partners with the Eberly Center and The Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center to leverage learning science and technology to support the continuing development of high-impact educational practices at CMU. This partnership develops broad and deep collaborations with institutions, researchers, companies and other leaders in high education and learning research. 

A photo of several students doing homework on their laptops