Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University's Broader Impacts Resource Connector (CMU BIRC)

The CMU BIRC was established to support the integration of education and outreach into U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) research projects and other proposals that require the researcher to address societally-relevant goals. Our goal is to assist researchers in the development, implementation, and assessment of high-quality Broader Impacts activities.

Specifically, we are available to:

  • support the proposal development process by providing data and content,
  • provide guidance in developing activities that enhance recruitment and retention of underrepresented students or incorporate service learning,
  • connect faculty members with schools or organizations relevant to their research,
  • support seminars, workshops, and training sessions developed for community partners, and
  • assist with disseminating research results.

Getting Started

We have several resources and tools to support the development of your Broader Impacts strategy:

Once you are ready to begin developing your proposal, please complete the Broader Impact Form to find a colleague to help you to design, implement, or assess your Broader Impacts plan.