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Current Lab Members

Photo of Christopher Hepner

Christopher Hepner

Lab Manager

BA and MA in Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University

I am interested in the cognitive processes involved in speaking and writing. As a Master's student, I studied the processes involved in spelling and learning to spell by investigating the causes of developmental dysgraphia. In Bonnie's lab, I have focused on lexical selection and the role of working memory in language production, and I will be continuing this research by working with individuals with aphasia and conducting online experiments with neurotypical adults.

Photo of Delaney McDonagh

Delaney McDonagh

Full-time Research Assistant

BS in Neuroscience, Rhodes College

I am interested in the factors that impact the learning of new concepts and words. Through my interest in language development and speech production within my undergraduate coursework and my time teaching English as a second language to refugee children and adults, I became fascinated with how the mind navigates learning a new language. In the Nozari lab, I hope to work on projects studying how children produce language and what facilitates this developmental process.

Photo of Will Harrison

Will Harrison

Full-time Research Assistant

BA in Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University; MA in Communicative Disorders and Sciences, SUNY at Buffalo

I am interested in the cognitive processes involved in language production, and what occurs when these processes are disrupted in cases of brain injury. These interests stem from my clinical experiences working with adults with cognitive impairment in graduate school. In the Nozari lab, I hope to work with individuals with brain injury to explore the nature of language production and to ultimately improve treatment outcomes for these individuals.

Current Collaborators

Lab Alumni

  • Svetlana Pinet (Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Alison Trude (Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Michael Freund (Full-time Research Assistant)
  • Jessa Sahl (Full-time Research Assistant)
  • Adna Jaganjac (Full-time Research Assistant)
  • Juliana Hoover (Summer Intern)
  • Nicholas McCloskey (Summer Intern)
  • Sweta Joshi (Summer Intern)