Carnegie Mellon University

Joining the Lab

Goals of lab participation

  • Be exposed to and become involved in all aspects of one or more research projects
  • Provide a deeper understanding of a psychological phenomenon
  • Gain an appreciation of psychological science methods
  • Reap the benefits of answering a scientific question
  1. Attendance and participation in weekly one-hour lab meetings. The time is determined each semester.
  2. Completion of assignments for weekly lab meetings, if applicable.
  3. Participation in a research project, which may include data collection, entering data, coding data, and analyzing data.
  4. Reading articles in the subject matter of the research project.

The entire lab group meets once a week. Attendance is required. During these meetings, individual members provide brief updates on their weekly activities.

The focus of the meeting is on one of the following:

  1. discussion of a research article
  2. student or group of students presenting a research idea to get feedback
  3. student or group of students presenting results from a study
  4. miscellaneous professional development activity (e.g., discussion of research ethics, reviewing an article, developing a theory, looking at data)

You will commit 9 hours per week. There is some flexibility, with some weeks being fewer hours and some weeks being longer hours. The average though should be 9 hours.

  1. Make sure you have time in your schedule to devote to research.
  2. Make sure this time will not detract from your other coursework and commitments.
  3. E-mail Dr. Helgeson to see if she is taking new students and, if so, set up a meeting with her.