Carnegie Mellon University

Poland – Journey through the Camps

On the eve of the German occupation of Poland in 1939, 3.3 million Jews lived there. At the end of the war, approximately 380,000 Polish Jews remained alive. Each year Classrooms Without Borders takes a group of educators and students on a journey to the killing fields of Poland recreated for visitors in three experiences. 

First, in the interactive documentary you can interview a Holocaust survivor, meet a German author who discovered his grandfather was a Nazi, hear from a professor whose Jewish grandmother was a paratrooper for the Red Army fighting against the Nazi, and hear from teachers and students alike about this emotional journey. Second, in the 360-video experience, you will see documentary footage of important sites of Holocaust history in Poland, ranging from remnants of the ghetto wall in modern Warsaw to Birkenau. 

Finally, you move on a path through concentration camps of the Holocaust through this interactive virtual reality experience. All are emotional experiences that try to capture what it feels like to visit these spaces in real life, with insight into what survivors faced firsthand. You will hear real survivor testimony, and feel their experience in immersive format thats go beyond physically visiting these sites today.