Carnegie Mellon University

Combining Degrees

Students with interests that include more than one of the department's majors have the option of completing an additional major within the department. Students may combine any of the B.A. degrees or combine the B.S. in Technical Writing and Communication with either the B.A. in English or the B.A. in Creative Writing. Students may not combine the Professional Writing and the Technical Writing & Communication majors because so many of the courses overlap.

Students majoring in two or more English Department degrees must fulfill the Core Requirements for the Major for both programs. The Survey of Forms core requirement, common to all 4 majors, needs to be taken only once but can count toward both majors. Similarly, the English Electives need to be taken only once and can count toward both majors with the understanding that a student must complete the number of English Electives required by the program with the higher number of Electives. For example, a student combining the B.A. in English with the Creative Writing major would take the 4 English Electives required for Creative Writing.

Because the Survey of Forms course and the English Electives are allowed to double count toward both majors, students who are already majoring in one of the English degrees can generally add a second major within the department by completing 6 to 8 additional courses. For example, a student who has fulfilled all 11 requirements for the BA in English can complete the additional major in Creative Writing by adding the 6 courses of the Creative Writing Core beyond the first Survey of Forms requirement: one additional Survey of Forms course, one Reading in Forms course, and 4 Writing Workshops. Because sequencing of courses can become an issue when doing multiple majors, students are strongly advised to consult closely with their English Department advisors about the sequence of their courses.