Carnegie Mellon University

The Gladys Schmitt Creative Writing Center

Baker Hall 260, The Gladys Schmitt Creative Writing Center, or simply "The Glad," is the hub of Carnegie Mellon's creative writing community. Named after Gladys Schmitt, a distinguished poet and novelist who taught at the Carnegie Institute of Technology from 1942 until her death in 1972, the center functions as our literary salon and library. The four computers equipped with special editing and publishing software, the laser printer, and even a typewriter or two, make "The Glad" an ideal studio space for creative writers. In addition, the leather couches and rocking chairs offer students a comfortable place to congregate between classes to read, write (and, sometimes, nap). In the evenings, the center often hosts more organized affairs like student readings, visiting writer receptions, and literary journal meetings, in addition to social events such as costumed potlucks.

Because of the center's substantial library—including a wide assortment of literary journals, books by faculty, visiting writers, and alumni, honors thesis projects and more—students are never at a loss for inspiration or resources for their work. Additional resources can be found in the creative writing faculty, whose offices encircle the center's studio and social space.


Jeff Zaslow, creating writing alum and co-author of the best-selling book The Last Lecture meets with students in the Gladys Schmitt Writing Center.

students in schmitt

Student reading co-hosts Julie Brown and Michael Hartwell celebrate at the reception in the Center after the 2008 Senior Reading while two former reading hosts, Ben Pelhan and Elliot Smith, look on.