Carnegie Mellon University

Boundary Street

Carnegie Mellon Creative Writing Mentoring Program for the literary arts majors at the Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA).

Beginning in 2000, Carnegie Mellon and CAPA students began working together during the spring semester of each year. Each student in the advanced poetry workshop is assigned to one or more CAPA student to mentor. The students first get together and share previous writing with each other. The Carnegie Mellon students then give the CAPA students a series of writing assignments (which the CMU students also do). The students email each other their responses, and at the next gathering, they discuss them. After each assignment and response, the students get together for discussion (and pizza!). As the culmination of this experience, we publish Boundary Street, a book that includes one poem by each Carnegie Mellon student and CAPA student and do a public reading from the book.


These books are listed below, starting with the current year. Please click on the book from the year you wish to see to download it in PDF format.