Carnegie Mellon University

Ph.D. Funding Package

While students are enrolled full-time, in good academic standing, the English Department provides a financial support package. In return for this financial support, we expect you to teach one writing course each semester, starting in your second year.

We offer a top-tier funding package that includes:

  • Full tuition remission.

  • Up to six years of full twelve-month financial support.

    • Annual Stipend Amount: approximately $25,000 paid semi-monthly beginning September 1st, including five summers of financial support.

    • First Year Stipend; no teaching requirements.

    • Stipend After First Year; teaching experience is part of the training provided in the program, and following the first year, students receive the stipend for teaching one course per semester.

    • Fully funded summers.
  • Funds to cover annual CMU student basic medical insurance if needed (self only).

  • Coverage of mandatory university fees (Activities, Transportation, and Technology).

  • A professional conference travel allowance of $600 per year with rollover.

  • A Job Seeking fund of $700 in the final funding year.

All of the foregoing financial support is renewable from year-to-year subject to your full-time enrollment, maintenance of good academic standing, satisfactory progress towards your degree, and satisfactory teaching performance. If these conditions are met, we will provide financial support for up to six years.

Teaching experience is a requirement of the academic program and a critical part of a Ph.D. student’s training. Starting in the second year of study, our Ph.D. students are required to take a Teaching Practicum and have the opportunity to teach highly talented and motivated undergraduate students in First Year Writing courses. Other teaching opportunities are likely to arise as your studies advance, as is the chance to teach extra courses for additional support. We cannot promise the availability of supplementary teaching, since our needs vary each semester, but many of our students have benefited from such opportunities.

In addition to a shared office space, you'll also be loaned a new laptop computer for teaching and research. You will be expected to keep the same laptop for the duration of your program; the department will provide software necessary for teaching and will cover costs for repair and maintenance during the course of your studies.