Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Research Opportunities

Below is information about two funding opportunities for graduate students: GuSH Grants and GSA Conference Funding.

GuSH Research Grants

GuSH Research grants provide small grants of $750 to graduate students for forwarding their research at Carnegie Mellon University. Grants are provided by the Graduate Student Assembly and the Provost's Office, and are managed by the Office of the Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Education. GuSH grants are intended to be used against costs incurred in the completion of research required for a graduate degree at Carnegie Mellon. These funds are intended to be utilized by students whose personal or departmental resources have been exhausted. A graduate student is eligible for one grant in each fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) they are a graduate student. For more information, please visit the GuSH website.

GSA Conference Funding

G.S.A. Graduate Student Conference Funding is financed by the Graduate Student Assembly, in collaboration with the Graduate Support Programs Office and the Provost's Office. The goal of the funding is to enable more Carnegie Mellon graduate students to 1) make presentations at key conferences/exhibitions in their fields or 2) simply attend conferences and learn about the broader field of study to which they belong. This award is for $500 per student. For more information, please visit the GSA Conference Funding website.