Carnegie Mellon University

Campus Publications

There are plenty of opportunities for students to work as student assistants and to publish their work in many of the vibrant student publications that call Carnegie Mellon home. Below is a list of some publications where students in the English Department have worked or that have published works by students:

CMU Press

The CMU Press was founded in 1972 as Three Rivers Press, a publisher of poetry. Today, the CMU Press' particular strength continues to lie in literary publishing.


Dossier is Carnegie Mellon's student art and literary magazine. Student are encouraged to submit their favorite original work, whether it is poetry, fiction or non-fiction prose, art, design, photography, screenwriting, architecture, animation, or another related piece. Dossier accepts submissions from both graduate and undergraduate students (each student may submit up to five pieces). For more information, please visit the Dossier website.

The Oakland Review

The Oakland Review is Carnegie Mellon's art and literary journal that publishes an annual edition of the best poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, plays for screen and stage, and artwork by CMU undergraduates. For more information, please visit the Oakland Review website.

The Tartan

The Tartan has been Carnegie Mellon University's student-run newspaper since 1906. With a weekly broadsheet paper circulation of 6,000, the Tartan serves the campus community of 9,500 students as well as faculty, staff and administration. For more information, please visit The Tartan Online.

The Pillbox

The Pillbox is the Tartan's literary supplement. For more information, please visit the Pillbox website.