Carnegie Mellon University

Affiliated Organizations

In addition to work within the department itself, the English department has close ties to many organizations on campus. Below is a partial list of organizations that our faculty and students have ties to:

  • The CMU Press was founded in 1972 as Three Rivers Press, a publisher of poetry. Today, the CMU Press' particular strength continues to lie in literary publishing.
  • The Intercultural Inquiry website offers information on what intercultural inquiry is, its philosophy, and strategies for engaging in intercultural inquiry.
  • The Community Literacy Center is a community/university collaborative of Pittsburgh's 80-year-old Community House and the Center for the Study of Writing at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • The Community Think Tank is a culturally diverse body of problem solvers committed to bringing wider perspectives and collaborative action to urban issues.
  • The Humanities Center at CMU, directed by English Department faculty member David Shumway, supports and encourages study, research, and interest in the humanities, the disciplines that study human culture and its products.