Carnegie Mellon University

Khrys Myrddin

Khrys Myrddin

Compliance Manager

Carnegie Mellon University OVPR - CTTEC
6501 Living Place
Suite 4000
Pittsburgh, PA 15206


Khrys joined the CTTEC staff in November 2018. They are responsible for intellectual property compliance reporting to research sponsors, including Bayh-Dole compliance.

Prior to coming to Carnegie Mellon, Khrys was the Associate Director of the Conflict of Interest Office at the University of Pittsburgh, where they gained extensive experience in policy development, implementation, and compliance. They worked closely with Pitt’s Innovation Institute to support entrepreneurial faculty in complying with University COI Policy and facilitated approval of relationships with startup companies. They hold a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a Master’s of Public Policy and Management from the University of Pittsburgh. When not helping CTTEC move Carnegie Mellon’s innovative research into the marketplace, Khrys enjoys birdwatching, hiking in Pittsburgh’s urban parks, learning endangered languages, and serving as house staff to ridiculous felines.